Join our community and help

Join our community and help

The ARGAN Foundation is a dynamically developing community of people interested in Polish-Moroccan culture and cooperation between Poland and Morocco. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to participate in inspiring events related to the culture, art, language and history of both countries. You will be able to meet new people, establish contacts and build lasting friendships between Poles and Moroccans.

By supporting our initiatives, you will contribute to social integration, education and cultural exchange between Poland and Morocco, as well as support countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. You will also have the opportunity to share your ideas, experiences and talents, striving for the development of Polish-Moroccan cooperation.

Discover the magic of Polish-Moroccan culture, join us!


Let's act together without divisions

We are open to new ideas that may contribute to the development of Polish-Moroccan cultural, artistic and educational cooperation. We strive to be a dynamic and flexible organization that adapts to the changing needs of our communities.

We want our activities to be beneficial to others, which is why the goal of each cooperation is to donate part of our profits to charity initiatives, such as helping seniors or children. In this way, we can work together to develop culture and help those in need.

All our activities are open to people regardless of age, gender, origin or religion. We strive to create spaces where everyone feels respected and can fully participate in the life of the community.


Check how we can cooperate

Our activity is based on the organization of thematic events during which you can learn not only about Moroccan culture, but also integrate while drinking traditional Moroccan mint tea prepared from an infusion of green tea with mint and sugar, or taste desserts at a sweet table.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to taste traditional Moroccan mint tea or sweet desserts.

Events that we specialize in organizing include:

  • fashion shows – during them you can take a closer look at traditional costumes and styles of modern designers. We present various styles and trends, as well as the richness of culture and traditions related to fashion in Morocco.
  • thematic presentations – provide an excellent opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge on topics related to culture, art and economy. They also allow for the exchange of experiences and establishment of valuable contacts with experts in a given field and other participants.
  • culinary workshops – their participants learn to prepare various dishes in a pleasant atmosphere, such as tajines, couscous, pastillas, as well as sweets with nuts.
  • events for seniors – the aim is to provide participants with interesting and active activities that will introduce them to the world of Moroccan culture. The events consist of various elements, such as cooking workshops, dance classes and art workshops. They help seniors stay active.

We build bridges together - Poland and Morocco in harmony.

Discover the flavors of Morocco, create unforgettable memories and change the world for the better!


Sweet table and Moroccan tea ceremony - unforgettable attractions at Your event

We invite you to take advantage of our offer, which will take the participants of your event on an exotic journey. We offer a sweet table with a Moroccan accent and an authentic mint tea ceremony, which will be great attractions at events, weddings and business meetings.

Our offer is addressed to, among others: to event companies, private individuals, embassies and administrative units.


Our sweet table is a combination of oriental flavors with a unique appearance. We prepare sweets typical of Moroccan cuisine, such as briwat, stuffed dates, ghriba, chebakia, and other types of sweets. We present everything on beautifully decorated platters and plates with attention to every detail.


Our authentic tea ceremony, prepared by experienced specialists, will certainly surprise and interest the participants of your event. We serve tea with mint, typical of Morocco, in decorative glasses, maintaining the traditional way of serving the drink.


Plan with us - events worth waiting for

Together we will organize unforgettable events and meetings, combining Polish and Moroccan cultures. Here are some suggestions that will help us strengthen the ties between our communities.

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