Polish-Moroccan ARGAN Foundation

The Polish-Moroccan Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to develop cooperation between Poland and Morocco and to promote values such as equality, tolerance and integration. We also operate in the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Argan Foundation - we nurture culture, care about people and develop passions!


Who we are - get to know our mission, projects and goals

ARGAN Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting and strengthening ties between Poland and Morocco by supporting culture, art, education and social integration.

We provide student exchange programmes and scholarships for young people from Poland and Morocco who want to study, conduct research or carry out artistic projects in another country.


Explore the diverse areas in which we operate
and make positive changes

The Argan Foundation helps by organising a variety of events, and the funds raised from partners are used to organise these events. Profits are used for charitable purposes, such as support for orphanages or the organisation of cultural events for schools and kindergartens. The Argan Foundation combines culture, art, and tradition with modernity, creating a unique form of help that encourages diversity and inspires action.


By joining the group of partners of the Argan Foundation, you support the organization of exceptional cultural events and charity activities. Together we can inspire, educate and create beautiful stories. Join us and experience unforgettable emotions!

Cultural unity

The ARGAN Foundation strives to build strong partnerships with organisations in both Poland and Morocco that work to support culture, education and integration.

Cultural exchange

We focus on initiatives promoting artistic cooperation between artists from Poland and Morocco, as well as other countries - such as artistic residencies, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and theatre performances.

Social integration

We are involved in projects aimed at Polish-Moroccan integration, such as culinary meetings, festivals, family picnics or language workshops.

Educational activities

We organize workshops, lectures and meetings that allow participants to deepen their knowledge about the history, language, literature and culture of Poland and Morocco.


Join our community and help

We are actively looking for people to work with, because we are aware that promoting your business increases your chances of success. For many entrepreneurs, but also individuals, it is an opportunity to bring effective help, which can later be used in the marketing field. We are open to new ones, so we cordially invite you to contact us. Together we will establish an action plan, but we will also provide support at every stage of the cooperation. We have a passion for action, at the same time we strive to ensure that every person working for the Foundation is satisfied with the fact that they decided to join.


Plan with us - events worth waiting for

Together we will organize unforgettable events and meetings, combining Polish and Moroccan cultures. Here are some suggestions that will help us strengthen the ties between our communities.


Bądź na bieżąco z naszymi działaniami

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