Hassna Ezzara

The president of the Foundation is also one of the founders. She has been living and working in Poland for many years, combining Moroccan traditions with Polish experiences. An enthusiast of both cultures, she is deeply convinced that cooperation based on cultivating tradition makes sense, which additionally motivates the integration of the Polish and Moroccan communities and the implementation of the foundation’s goals.


Who are we?

The Argan Foundation works to spread culture and help people in need by organising various events, such as fashion shows, seminars, culinary workshops and many others, and seeks to raise cultural awareness and interest in Moroccan culture. The Foundation is also committed to helping local communities and people in need. Working for institutions such as orphanages, nursing homes or schools. It helps to meet their needs and provide the support they need.


The Foundation also offers its help by organising various actions, including charity, fundraising and auctions, the aim of which is to raise funds for the needs of the most needy. Thanks to this, the Foundation is able to realize its goals and help people in need. Our activities are based on values such as solidarity, empathy, creativity and professionalism. Everyone who decides to join the Foundation can count on support and help in achieving their goals. The Argan Foundation is not only an organization, but above all a community of people who want to work for the good of others.


The Foundation can raise funds from a variety of sources, such as donations from individuals and companies, dividends from investments in shares of companies, support from sponsors, public fundraising, income from organizing events and events, as well as co-financing from European Union funds for the implementation of specific projects.

Together for a better tomorrow - Argan Foundation


Argan Foundation - why this name?

The argan tree is a unique tree that can be considered one of the symbols of Morocco. It grows mainly in the southwest of the country, in the Souss-Massa-Drâa region, where it creates unique, endemic forests. The argan tree plays an important role in both the ecology and the economy and culture of Morocco.


The symbolism of the argan tree for Morocco also lies in its applications. Its fruits are used to produce argan oil, which is highly valued in both Moroccan cuisine and cosmetics. Argan oil, often called the “liquid gold of Morocco”, has numerous nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating properties, thanks to the content of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Support the development of culture and education.


Activity of the Argan Foundation

The organization will take concrete steps to actively promote the Republic of Poland and the Kingdom of Morocco. The Foundation is ready to cooperate with government, local government and non-governmental organizations in planning various types of events, the objectives of which are consistent with the idea of the Foundation – openings, exhibitions, concerts, trainings and scientific conferences in Poland and Morocco. 


The Argan Foundation is close to values related to the protection of human rights, which is why it will oversee the construction, renovation and creation of educational institutions at various levels in Poland and Morocco, as well as in Asian and African countries, believing in the right to free education in the spirit of respect for the culture of all countries. Argan will also protect equal access to legal resources, free education, etc. for women and men, including those from third countries, as it wants to build relations between Polish and Moroccan citizens and citizens of developing countries.

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Together we can do more!

By making a donation to the Foundation, you become part of our mission and help us change the world for the better. Every amount, even the smallest amount, is of great importance to those who need help.

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